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M.Y. Diners' story

We started M.Y. Diners on February 23, 2011 and as its owners, it is close to our hearts. The restaurant's name stands for Mike and Yzel. It was my mom’s idea for it to be named after us.

Due to our passion for food, we decided to offer affordable Filipino Cuisine (Beef, Chicken, Fish, Pork, and Seafoods). And since Pinoy’s love merienda we have Pancit and Burgers to complete the menu. We also have packages which are good for groups/barkadahan.

We at M.Y. Diners offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is our pleasure to cater for all of your important occasions such as Christening, Birthday, Wedding, and of course Anniversary. Our team, who is also our family, welcomes everyone who wants to celebrate with us, or even for a simple food trip with your loved ones or family. The restaurant can accommodate up to 150pax.

Like every other business, we have had our own challenges all throughout. For me, at first, I found it hard to handle or operate the business because I really wanted to work abroad as a Nurse (my chosen profession). But as time went by, I learned to love our business because it’s our bread and butter for our families and for Mike and I’s future family. I invested the time and effort for our business, with lots of tears and sweat just to reach where we are right now.

How to handle our team was also challenge for me & Mike, but we were able to surpass all of those. Through the guidance of our Dear Lord, we were able to establish our business. We feel great satisfaction in our hearts when we’re able to provide excellent service to our guests, and see the smiles on their faces.

There are some important lessons Mike and I would like to share. First, PATIENCE really is a virtue, we didn’t build the restaurant overnight; it’s really about hard work. Second, time is gold. Don’t waste a single day, if you can do it now, do it now! Third, is something money can’t buy. The SATISFACTION of the customers is the BEST! Yes, it is, When you see their smiles, share their experiences/photos in social media, and when they come back again and they become your family too.

Last, ”Pag may tiyaga may nilaga”. Yes, don’t ever give up on your dreams, because in God’s perfect time your dreams will become a reality.

Mike & Yzel

Owners of M.Y. Diners